Read This Now: ‘The Ferries and the Last Frontier’

26 03 2012

Alright, alright. So I’m throwing shame and modesty to the wind, and promoting one of my own Northern stories as a “Read This Now.” But this has been in the works for awhile, and I’m really excited to see it published.

My four-part essay series, The Ferries and the Last Frontier, is going live on World Hum throughout this week. It’s about my January trip through the Alaskan Panhandle by state ferry. Part one, “The Roughest Place in the World,” is up now – the rest will follow daily through to Thursday. Check it out!


Photo Friday: Eagle Summit, Alaska

16 03 2012

See the Ravages of Denali at the Anchorage Museum

12 03 2012

Frostbite. Blisters. Exhaustion. Sun and wind burn. And that’s before we even get talking about the emotional impact of summiting Mt. McKinley, North America’s tallest.

A photography exhibit on now at the always-excellent Anchorage Museum aims to capture the scars the mountain inflicts on its visitors. Photographer Tim Remick set up at base camp and shot climbers as they returned from the summit – the results, from the images I’ve seen online, are powerful.

After: Portraits From Denali runs until April 15. Check it out if you’re able!

Photo Friday: Sunset in Sitka Sound

9 03 2012

Read This Now: ‘Hell Frozen Over’

8 03 2012

Sportsnet Magazine has a long feature on this year’s Yukon Quest, and it really brings the trials and joys of the race to life.

Here’s an excerpt from the start in Fairbanks:

Each musher takes one last walk down the gang line, scratching vibrating ears and shouting encouragement to the dogs. A whoop goes up from the crowd as each countdown finishes, and one by one, the mushers yank out the snow hooks anchoring their sleds, finally allowing their teams to lurch out of the start chute and down the frozen river toward the edge of town. Eventually, the crowds thin and recede, leaving each musher alone on the silent trail — nothing but a feral landscape, the rhythmic panting of a dog team on the move and sled runners whispering to the snow.

Read the whole thing. Then, for good measure, watch these amazing videos again.

Watch a 1000-Mile Sled Dog Race in 1001 Seconds

29 02 2012

I was lucky enough to sign on as the Yukon Quest’s in-house writer this year. I spent almost three weeks following the race from its start in Fairbanks, through the Alaskan interior, across the border to Dawson City and all the way to the finish line in Whitehorse. I wrote news updates for the Quest website, tweeted, and Facebooked.

Meanwhile, my colleagues on the video and photography team put together this incredible series of videos. Watch them all – it’s the next best thing to being on the trail.

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Photo Friday: Antler Art

8 04 2011

Caribou antlers throw shadows on the wall of the UAF Museum of the North in Fairbanks