Photo Friday: Eagle Summit, Alaska

16 03 2012


Photo Friday: On the Ice Road

4 02 2011

The frozen MacKenzie River is cleared for traffic from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk

Photo Friday: At the Arctic Circle

28 01 2011

A sign marks the spot where the Dempster Highway meets the Arctic Circle

Why Winter Roadtrips are Worth the Risk

25 01 2011

Don’t let all my talk about emergency supplies and roadside strandings scare you off the northern road trip in winter. It’s worth the extra preparation and the risk of a few cold hours spent roadside.

Here’s proof:

On the Dempster Highway, nearing the Arctic Circle

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Winter Roadtrips: What’s in my Emergency Kit?

24 01 2011

Alright, let’s talk winter driving.

On any highway where snow and ice are in play – regardless of whether you’re up north or down south – winter driving is going to be a trickier proposition than summer road-tripping. But on the isolated, mostly-empty roads of Alaska and northern Canada, where cell service rarely extends past town and city limits and you can go hours without spotting another vehicle, the risks are augmented even further.

My car, in the ditch on the Dempster Highway

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